Dr. Morgan Roehm — Optometrist in Tonawanda, NY

Dr. Morgan Roehm, O.D., is a diligent optometrist serving Buffalo communities including Greece, Brighton, and Tonawanda, NY. Her specialties include primary eye care and pediatric eye care.

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About Dr. Roehm

Dr. Roehm first found an interest in optometry while shadowing a Value Vision eye doctor — which is why, after graduating from the New England College of Optometry, she returned to the Buffalo area to practice eye care at Value Vision! She provides all-ages care from adult to pediatrics for Tonawanda, NY , and other communities like Greece and Brighton. Dr. Roehm is passionate about helping people, and takes the time to understand each patient’s case and explain their care to them.

A Western New York Native, Dr. Roehm grew up in Alden, New York, and only left to attend college and optometry school. Since then, she’s returned to Alden, and has built her own family there with her husband and daughter. She’s excited to be back in the Buffalo region to provide eye care in the very practice that inspired her to enter optometry! When not improving patients’ vision, Dr. Roehm enjoys traveling and spending time with family and friends.

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Favorite Patient Story

“I had a young boy come in for a routine eye exam and found a retinal detachment before there were serious symptoms. I was able to quickly get him in with a specialist for treatment. His parents and grandmother came back in to thank me and let me know how much they appreciated my thoroughness, which meant the world to me!”


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“The staff at Value Vision are very friendly, professional and extremely helpful!
They also have an awesome selection of eyeglasses. Thank you!”

-B.G. | Lackawanna, NY