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Dr. Robert Joba is a renowned and devoted optometrist who’s widely recognized for his outstanding skills and unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional eye care services. From a young age, Dr. Joba has been driven by his desire to assist others, inspiring him to pursue an education and career in optometry. He is a well-respected authority in his field today, thanks to his extensive knowledge and commitment to excellence.

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About Dr. Joba

Dr. Joba, a graduate with honors from the esteemed New England College of Optometry, has built a successful career in eye care. With a passion to expand his horizons and gain valuable experience, he worked in ophthalmology for 16 years, where he encountered a diverse range of eye pathologies and honed his diagnostic and treatment skills to perfection.

In 2006, Dr. Joba founded Derby Eye and Vision with a strong desire to create a patient-centered practice that catered to the unique needs of the Derby community. Since its inception, the practice has been a beacon of compassionate and comprehensive eye care under his expert guidance.

At Derby Eye and Vision, Dr. Joba takes immense pride in being the neighborhood eye doctor who goes above and beyond in providing full-scope eye exams and personalized care to each patient they serve. His philosophy revolves around treating patients like family, ensuring their comfort and trust while addressing their eye care needs with professionalism.

Beyond his professional commitments, Dr. Robert Joba is an active member of the Derby community, participating in local outreach programs and supporting various charitable initiatives. His commitment to serving others extends far beyond the walls of being an eye doctor, making him a true asset to the community he holds dear.


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Eye Care Testimonial

Very Professional

“Derby optical is very professional, and the staff. I went in for eye exam because I knew I needed glasses, right after the exam I was told I had Glaucoma & immediately was set up with a appointment with atwal eye were Lazer surgery was done to stop the Glaucoma from getting worse. This facility may have saved me from going blind in the near future. THANKS DERBY OPTICAL!”