Prescription Sunglasses in Buffalo and Rochester, NY

Sunglasses are a staple of many summer wardrobes, but they’re an important part of keeping your eyes healthy all year round. After all, any bright sunlight — from the hottest, sunniest days to the surprisingly harsh glare off of snow — can threaten your vision and eye health.

Our member practices offer large, diverse, and endlessly stylish collections of sunglasses in Buffalo, Rochester, and throughout Western New York. It’s our goal to make protecting your eyes easy and make sure you look great while you do it!

Sunglasses Shield Your Eyes from Harmful
UV Light

Direct and reflected sunlight is important to keep out of your eyes, as that harsh light can harm the delicate structures in your eyes and not only impede your vision, but permanently damage it. Many of the sunglasses you’ll find in each of our network of stores provide 100% UV protection to keep your eyes safe and healthy over time!

Comprehensive Eye Exams in Buffalo and Rochester NY
Eye Care Doctors in Buffalo and Rochester NY

Our Eye Doctors & Opticians Can Help

The eye doctors and opticians in each of our network of practices understand how important it is to shield your eyes from the sun and work hard to make sure our patients get sunglasses that match their lifestyle and preferences.

Trusted Optometrists in Your Neighborhood

Trusted Optometrists in Your Neighborhood

Friendly & Helpful

Buffalo Optical Patient
“I don’t normally write reviews, but Buffalo Optical deserves it. They are friendly, helpful, and try their best to find what you are looking for. Both times I have been there they went above-and-beyond to make sure I got my glasses in time.”


Trusted Optometrists in Your Neighborhood

More than 5 stars

Value Vision Patient

“If I could give Value Vision more than 5 stars I absolutely would. The staff are all amazing, friendly, and very helpful!”


Trusted Optometrists in Your Neighborhood

Great Selection of Frames

Hamburg Optical Patient
“I went to Hamburg Optical for new glasses, and I normally dread this process, but Hamburg has such a great selection! Everyone was so nice and I actually had a lot of fun getting new glasses! Prices were beyond reasonable too. I highly recommend them!”


Trusted Optometrists in Your Neighborhood

Best Eye Doctor

Whelpley & Paul Patient
“Whelpey & Paul is hands down best eye doctor/optical shop around. Everybody is so friendly and personable. The eye exams are very thorough, and they make sure to take the time to address and discuss what is going on with your eyes and what’s best for them.”


Our Selection of Sunglasses

We offer a variety of brands, styles, and enhancements in each of our optical stores! Please note: not every store will carry the same selection, so if you’re looking for a specific product, please call the location you’ll be visiting ahead of time.

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Prescription Sunglasses

Sunglasses are an important way for you to be able to see clearly while driving, being active, and enjoying sunny days. Our member practices offer prescription sunglasses to make sure your shades are a comprehensive solution to your vision correction and protection, providing crystal clear vision and sun shielding with a single pair of eyewear!

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A Range of Styles Available

We understand how important it is to look your best when wearing UV-protective eyewear. Our member practices stock a wide variety of the most trusted designer sunglasses so you can find the styles and designs that suit you best. We have options to fit every budget!

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Customized Lenses

Your sunglasses lenses will always offer full protection from harsh sunlight, but you can also add coatings and upgrades to prevent scratches or make your lenses more durable. You can also add protection against glare, blue light from screens, and more. Just let our opticians know what you’re looking for, and they’ll help you tailor your lenses to your preferences!

Contact Lenses in Buffalo and Rochester NY

Children’s Sunglasses

Children’s eyes are constantly growing and changing, and with how much time they spend outside and active, it’s important to keep their eyes protected. Our opticians are happy to help our youngest patients find prescription or non-prescription sunglasses that fit great and look even better!

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