Contact Lens Exams in Buffalo and Rochester, NY

While the member practices of Your Local Eye Doctor have carefully curated collections of eyeglasses, we also recognize the value of contact lenses in some patient’s day-to-day lives. Whether you’re looking to supplement your eyeglasses with a convenient alternative or your eye health demands specialty contact lenses, we can help!

We combine advanced technology in our exams and fittings with good, old-fashioned attentive eye care to find the contact lens solutions that work for our patients. Find out below how we make sure your contacts provide both comfort and clarity!

Quality Contact Lens Experience

The Importance of a Quality Contact Lens Experience

Contact lenses can be a convenient and comfortable way to correct your vision. But for contacts to work as well as possible, they have to fit well on your eye and account for your unique eye health.

Our eye doctors take the time to get to know you, closely examine your eye health, and discuss your goals so that they can recommend a brand, style, and fit of contacts that’s perfectly suited to your needs. Most of our doctors are from Western New York and they love putting their experience to use and providing our patients the clearest, most comfortable vision correction!

Trusted Optometrists in Your Neighborhood

Trusted Optometrists in Downtown Buffalo

Friendly & Helpful

Buffalo Optical Patient
“I don’t normally write reviews, but Buffalo Optical deserves it. They are friendly, helpful, and try their best to find what you are looking for. Both times I have been there they went above-and-beyond to make sure I got my glasses in time.”


Trusted Optometrists in Downtown Buffalo

More than 5 stars

Value Vision Patient

“If I could give Value Vision more than 5 stars I absolutely would. The staff are all amazing, friendly, and very helpful!”


Trusted Optometrists in Downtown Buffalo

Great Selection of Frames

Hamburg Optical Patient
“I went to Hamburg Optical for new glasses, and I normally dread this process, but Hamburg has such a great selection! Everyone was so nice and I actually had a lot of fun getting new glasses! Prices were beyond reasonable too. I highly recommend them!”


Trusted Optometrists in Downtown Buffalo

Best Eye Doctor

Whelpley & Paul Patient
“Whelpey & Paul is hands down best eye doctor/optical shop around. Everybody is so friendly and personable. The eye exams are very thorough, and they make sure to take the time to address and discuss what is going on with your eyes and what’s best for them.”


Our Contact Lens Services

All of the practices in the Your Local Eye Doctor network have signed on to the same commitment: to provide every patient with comfortable contact lenses and clear eyesight. With this in mind, services may vary slightly across different offices — please reach out to your preferred location to find out what they can do for you!

Contact Lens Exam in Buffalo and Rochester, NY

Contact Lens Exams

Contacts require a slightly different vision prescription than eyeglasses because of where the lenses sit (directly on top of your eyes compared to a few centimeters in front of them), but that’s not all our contact lens exams offer.

We carefully examine, measure, and map the surfaces of your eyes to determine which types of contact lenses make the most sense for your optical needs, eye shape, and overall eye health, particularly if you have any cornea issues.

Contact Lens Fitting in Buffalo and Rochester, NY

Contact Lens Fittings

After your exam, you’ll receive an updated prescription. Our opticians will then work with you to find your perfect fit!

From first-time contact lens wearers to “hard-to-fit” patients who have struggled with standard lenses in the past, quite a few of our patients need help finding the right product for them. Our providers teach patients how to safely put in, take out, and even maintain their contacts, and make sure that their selected lenses are a perfect fit for their unique eyes.

Specialty Contact Lenses in Buffalo and Rochester, NY

Specialty Contact Lenses

There are a lot of reasons patients may need specialty contacts. Corneal issues like dry eye and keratoconus may make it difficult to wear soft contacts. Some vision prescriptions may be too strong to be solved by standard contacts, as well.

Many of our practices offer specialty contact lens services such as custom-made scleral lenses that can be tailored to your needs. We walk each patient through essential wear and care for their lenses, no matter what type of contacts they purchase!

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