About Your Local Eye Doctor,
Powered by Veritas.CX

Your Local Eye Doctor is a network of trusted eye care practices, providing a uniquely personalized experience to patients throughout Western New York. We serve individuals of all ages with comprehensive eye exams, diagnosis and management of eye diseases, contact lens fittings, and access to some of the largest collections of outstanding eyewear in the region.

All of our member practices are bound by a common commitment to their communities and set of values focused on offering an exceptional experience and even better results — that’s what it means to be powered by Veritas.CX.

Eye Care Center

Our Mission – “Powered by Veritas.CX”

“CX” (definition): Using modern technology to enable a remarkable Customer Experience.

Our mission is simple: Partner with the best local eye doctors and empower them to deliver a remarkable eyecare and eyewear experience with modern technology, systems, and products.

Our Core Values

Remarkable Eye Care

Remarkable Eye Care.CX:

Veritas makes it easier for the best doctors to do what they love to do: provide high quality, patient-focused eyecare. Veritas dramatically reduces the amount of time that doctors and eyecare professionals have to devote to tedious administrative tasks so they can spend more time with you. A familiar, personal, and individualized approach is something we hold up as a point of pride for our practices.

Veritas.CX partners with Your Local Eye Doctor practices, so that they can continue to serve their communities, by giving them modern tools and technology that were only available to faceless corporate conglomerates — until now.

Remarkable Eye Care Products

Remarkable Products.CX:

Veritas enables Your Local Eye Doctor to become your one-stop-shop for both eye care and eyewear. Veritas connects trusted eye doctors, eyewear opticians and stylists, and an unparalleled collection of frames, specialized lens technology, and contact lenses, ranging from fashion designer brands to practical options for everyday use.

Our vast selection allows us to offer the latest in fashion, while our staff expertly curate these collections to cater to each patient’s unique style, individual lifestyle, and budgetary needs.

Convenient Eye Care

Remarkable Convenience.CX:

We know you’re busy, and firmly believe that your time is important. That’s why we promise that your appointments (while extremely thorough) are efficient and streamlined, with minimal wait time. To do that requires modern technology to tailor a personalized experience for each unique customer and family.

Modern scheduling, communication, and information technologies allow Your Local Eye Doctor, powered by Veritas.CX, to make your visit convenient and time effective.

Our Member Practices

Our Services

Comprehensive Eye Exams

Contact Lenses & Fittings

Specialty Eyewear Options

Local Eye Doctors

Eye Disease Management

A Wide Selection of Eyeglasses

All-Ages Eye Care

Our Team

The eye doctors that make up the rotating team at Your Local Eye Doctor are experienced eye care providers with diverse interests and specialties. They’re invested in being integral parts of the communities our member practices serve, and as such, able to personalize every solution to the unique needs of every patient they see.

Eye doctors group photo at Local Eye Doctor

Your Local Eye Doctor, powered by Veritas.CX: Experience Is Paramount

“Veritas.CX” is simply the best local eye doctors empowered by the best systems designed to serve patients in a remarkable way. We partner with local eye doctors that care about their patients and communities and give them the ability to spend more time on eye care, while we supply their locations with the most compelling eyewear collections.

“Veritas.CX” is the platform that allows Your Local Eye Doctor to enhance every part of every appointment. That’s just how important your experience is to us.