Pediatric Eye Exams
in Buffalo
and Rochester, NY

Because children’s eyes are still developing, pediatric eye doctors have to not only account for how rapidly they change, but also communicate those changes to children and parents alike.

When you visit any of our member practices, you’ll meet with eye doctors and staff who love working with kids and can give you a clear picture of your children’s eye health. During a pediatric eye exam, they’ll put in the time to get to know you and your child, make sure they’re comfortable throughout your visit, and monitor their eye health over years of personalized eye care!

Note: Not all services listed below are available at every store in the Local Eye Doctor network. Please call a specific location to learn more about their current services and selection.

Eye Care Doctors in Buffalo and Rochester NY

Why Pediatric Eye Exams
Are Important

Children rely on their eyesight to succeed in the classroom and develop socially. Poor vision can be a big obstacle to growing and learning, but luckily, it’s an obstacle our optometrists can help your child overcome. Our providers will correct their vision, diagnose and treat any eye conditions they find, and make sure they have the best eyesight possible during these formative years.

When and How Often Children
Need Eye Exams

While it’s never too late for a child to have their first eye exam, it’s best to start as soon as possible. Our providers look for important developmental milestones and signs of eye conditions more common in children to ensure they’re developing with good health. Talk to your local eye doctor to find out how often your child should be having pediatric eye exams.

Comprehensive Eye Exams in Buffalo and Rochester NY

Trusted Optometrists in Your Neighborhood

Trusted Optometrists in Your Neighborhood

Friendly & Helpful

Buffalo Optical Patient
“I don’t normally write reviews, but Buffalo Optical deserves it. They are friendly, helpful, and try their best to find what you are looking for. Both times I have been there they went above-and-beyond to make sure I got my glasses in time.”


Trusted Optometrists in Your Neighborhood

More than 5 stars

Value Vision Patient

“If I could give Value Vision more than 5 stars I absolutely would. The staff are all amazing, friendly, and very helpful!”


Trusted Optometrists in Your Neighborhood

Great Selection of Frames

Hamburg Optical Patient
“I went to Hamburg Optical for new glasses, and I normally dread this process, but Hamburg has such a great selection! Everyone was so nice and I actually had a lot of fun getting new glasses! Prices were beyond reasonable too. I highly recommend them!”


Trusted Optometrists in Your Neighborhood

Best Eye Doctor

Whelpley & Paul Patient
“Whelpey & Paul is hands down best eye doctor/optical shop around. Everybody is so friendly and personable. The eye exams are very thorough, and they make sure to take the time to address and discuss what is going on with your eyes and what’s best for them.”


Eye Care Doctors in Buffalo and Rochester NY

What Happens During a
Pediatric Eye Exam?

During a pediatric eye exam, your eye doctor will begin by talking to you and your child about their vision and activities. If you’ve noticed any issues such as trouble reading or writing, or reluctance to participate in certain kinds of schoolwork or activities, you should bring these things up during the exam — you’d be surprised how often shyness comes from poor eyesight!

Your children will take child-friendly tests that measure visual acuity, track developmental milestones, and screen for age-specific eye conditions such as strabismus (“crossed eyes”) and amblyopia (“lazy eye”). You’ll also receive a precise vision prescription for your child, and a choice from a wide range of available pediatric eyewear options.

Children’s Eyeglasses and Sunglasses

The most common solution for many children’s vision problems is simply a good pair of eyeglasses. Our member practices staff expert opticians who are great at getting your child excited about their new eyewear: they’ll make sure that the glasses fit comfortably, provide clear correction with their updated vision prescription, and that your child will genuinely want to wear them.

The practices in our network stock wide selections of cool-looking and durable designs so that your child is bound to find a pair they love — and so you can rest assured they’re quality frames that you won’t have to worry about falling off, getting broken, or going unused!

Comprehensive Eye Exams in Buffalo and Rochester NY

Your Local Eye Doctor in Buffalo, NY and Rochester, NY

The pediatric eye doctors working in our network of eye care practices have a passion for working with children and sharing in their excitement as they experience clear vision, often for the first time. It’s an experience many of our providers had themselves at some point, as they learned what a difference quality eye care and eyewear can make — especially at a young age.

Your trust as a parent means a lot to our member practices, and they honor that trust with dedicated, personalized eye care. They look forward to building a lifelong foundation for eye health with you and your family!

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