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Contact Lenses in Buffalo and Rochester, NY

Many people prefer contact lenses as a comfortable, convenient vision correction option for on-the-go or active lifestyles. New contact lenses are designed to suit stronger prescriptions and a greater range of eye conditions, meaning more people than ever can benefit from contacts!

When you visit one of our member practices for contact lenses, you’ll meet with eye doctors who are experts at helping you find just the right fit and style of lens for your unique eyes.

Note: Not all products or services listed below are available at every store in the Local Eye Doctor network. Please call a specific location to learn more about their current services and selection.

Contact Lenses in Buffalo and Rochester, NY

Contact Lens Fit Affects Your Vision

Contact lenses perform best when they fit correctly and comfortably on your eye. If anything is off in the fit, your contacts can slide around or fail to focus light as intended, like a camera lens out of place. On top of that, a contact lens that doesn’t fit well can irritate your eye and increase your risk for infection.

Fortunately, there is a contact lens for virtually every situation, and specialty lenses can account for cornea sensitivity, dry eye, and other medical needs. Your eye doctor will evaluate your eye health and vision goals during a contact lens exam and fitting, in order to help you get the right fit!

Trusted Optometrists in Your Neighborhood

Trusted Optometrists in Downtown Buffalo

Friendly & Helpful

Buffalo Optical Patient
“I don’t normally write reviews, but Buffalo Optical deserves it. They are friendly, helpful, and try their best to find what you are looking for. Both times I have been there they went above-and-beyond to make sure I got my glasses in time.”


Trusted Optometrists in Downtown Buffalo

More than 5 stars

Value Vision Patient

“If I could give Value Vision more than 5 stars I absolutely would. The staff are all amazing, friendly, and very helpful!”


Trusted Optometrists in Downtown Buffalo

Great Selection of Frames

Hamburg Optical Patient
“I went to Hamburg Optical for new glasses, and I normally dread this process, but Hamburg has such a great selection! Everyone was so nice and I actually had a lot of fun getting new glasses! Prices were beyond reasonable too. I highly recommend them!”


Trusted Optometrists in Downtown Buffalo

Best Eye Doctor

Whelpley & Paul Patient
“Whelpey & Paul is hands down best eye doctor/optical shop around. Everybody is so friendly and personable. The eye exams are very thorough, and they make sure to take the time to address and discuss what is going on with your eyes and what’s best for them.”


Contact Lens Services

Contact Lens Exams in Buffalo and Rochester, NY

Contact Lens Exams

A contact lens exam is a little bit different from a regular eye exam because contact lenses rest on the eye itself, meaning contacts have to focus light differently than glasses lenses that sit a little further out. This means your contact lens prescription will differ somewhat from your eyeglasses prescription.

Your eye doctor will pay special attention to the cornea and whole front of your eyes. Because your contacts directly touch the eye, your eye doctor will need to know if there are existing conditions such as dry eye disease or keratoconus, or any risk of complications. Our member practices use advanced screening technology to see how well your eyes would be suited to various contact lenses.

Contact Lens Fittings in Buffalo and Rochester, NY

Contact Lens Fittings

With your up-to-date prescription in hand, your eye doctor will use their expert knowledge of contact lens styles and brands to find the right lenses for you. You’ll be matched with lenses that suit your optical needs and provide the right combination of fit, feel, and clear vision.

If it’s your first time wearing contact lenses, you’ll also be given an introduction on how to properly wear and care for your new contacts. Keeping them clean and only using them as intended prevents infection and ensures optimal vision correction.

Specialty Contact Lenses in Buffalo and Rochester, NY

Specialty Contact Lenses

Some patients who might not be good candidates for standard contacts may benefit from specialty contact lenses. Many of our member practices offer rigid gas permeable (RGP) and scleral lenses. These specialty lenses can work for patients with corneal issues, dry eye, or similar conditions.

RGP lenses are designed to allow greater oxygen flow to the cornea, which is especially good for people prone to dry eye. They’ll also trap tears on the cornea, keeping it moisturized. Scleral lenses, meanwhile, are RGP lenses that sit on the whites of your eyes (known as the sclera). By rising over your cornea, they’re a better fit for those with sensitive or unusual corneas caused by surgery, an injury, keratoconus, or severe astigmatism.

Your Local Eye Doctor in Buffalo and Rochester, NY

Our member practices love fitting patients with contact lenses and helping them achieve the clear sight they need to go out and live their lives to the fullest. And our providers that offer specialty contact lenses find extra satisfaction in helping patients who never thought they would find a solution that works for their unique needs finally achieve clear, comfortable vision.

There are a wide variety of contact lenses our member practices can provide to help patients see clearer and live better, and they look forward to helping you improve your vision with maximum comfort!

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