Dr. Burstein — Optometrist in Amherst and Buffalo, NY

David Burstein, O.D., is a dedicated eye doctor who has an extensive professional background that dates back more than three decades. His approach to eye care is marked by a commitment to excellence and comprehensive wellness. He currently sees patients at our Amherst and Kenmore offices.

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About Dr. Burstein

A native of Buffalo, Dr. Burstein pursued his bachelor’s degree at the University of Buffalo. He then went on to attend graduate school in Illinois, where he honed his optometry expertise. Eager to return to his origins and establish a private practice, Dr. Burstein embarked on a fulfilling career. The calling to optometry runs deep in his family, which encompasses 70 doctors. Inspired by a close friend specializing in low vision, Dr. Burstein found his passion in this field and cultivated his expertise by observing and learning from his mentor.

Dr. Burstein’s commitment to service extends beyond optometry, as he served as a Lieutenant Colonel in the National Guard for nearly 23 years, accomplishing numerous accolades during his service.

Dr. Burstein's favorite young lady patient story

Favorite Patient Story

“I once had a 17-year-old patient under my care for several years. She experienced subtle vertical double vision. My intuition prompted me to pursue this further and refer her to a neurologist. An MRI revealed a tumor; at that point, her prognosis was uncertain at 50/50 odds. Today, she is in her 30s, a mother to a young son, and thriving. I recently encountered her at a theater, where she and her mother warmly embraced me. The neurologist I recommended is also a friend; we have an upcoming appointment for an exam. Whenever we meet, he still expresses amazement at my early detection.”


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“A fantastic practice that I have been going to for many years. Here is a doctor that really cares about you and not just revenue. He will take any and all the extra time to ensure that you are satisfied. From the initial exam, to the final result you will be satisfied. I don’t write reviews, but Dr. Burstein has earned my trust and business for myself and my family, and I wouldn’t choose another eye professional locally. You WONT be disappointed.”