Dr. Astrid Ranaldi — Optometrist in Lockport, NY

Dr. Astrid Ranaldi, O.D., is an optometrist serving Buffalo, Tonawanda, and Lockport, NY. Her specialties include primary eye care, pediatric eye care, and ocular disease management.

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About Dr. Ranaldi

In second grade, when her teacher noticed that she needed glasses, and helped her attain clear vision for the first time, Dr. Ranaldi knew she wanted to become an optometrist when she grew up. She looks back on that initial experience having graduated from the SUNY College of Optometry with honors, completed a Low Vision and Ocular Disease residency, and worked with pediatric, geriatric, and cataract patients for years. Dr. Ranaldi is a personable eye doctor, exceptional listener, and lover of vision care and eye disease management.

Originally from Lockport, NY, Dr. Ranaldi serves the Buffalo area with a deep familiarity with the region’s communities. She also makes sure to pay it forward, organizing and running preschool and grade school vision screenings. Today, Dr. Ranaldi still lives in Niagara County with her husband and calico cat, and spends her free time walking, cycling, crocheting blankets, and even beekeeping — Dr. Ranaldi and her husband own bees, make beeswax candles, and jar their own honey!

Eye Doctor in Lockport

Favorite Patient Story

“A few years into practicing, an elderly patient came to me who had poor vision in both eyes from macular degeneration. She couldn’t read anymore with her glasses, and another doctor had told her, ‘There was nothing left to do.’ I was able to prescribe stronger reading glasses and a magnifying lens, which let her read books again. She told me that I ‘gave her her life back.’ She is a reminder to me that what we do is so important and improves people’s quality of life every day!”


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10/10 Experience

“Have been going here for a few years for my whole family. They’ve always been incredibly helpful as far as thoroughly explaining our options, understanding how our insurance works. They have always been willing to tell me how much everything will cost up front. I’ve never had a long wait here. Everyone has been very nice.”

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