Dr. Rashida Clarke — Optometrist in Rochester, NY

Dr. Rashida Clarke, O.D., is an optometrist serving Brighton, Greece, and other areas around Rochester, NY. Her specialties include primary eye care, pediatric eye care, ocular disease management, and fitting specialty lenses.

Dr. Rashida Clarke
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About Dr. Clarke

Dr. Clarke’s first job was in an optical lab, which guided her interest and eventual academic pursuits — she went on to receive her Doctor of Optometry from the Nova Southeastern University College of Optometry in Fort Lauderdale, FL. She’s particularly passionate about pediatric eye care and managing various ocular conditions, including glaucoma, macular degeneration, dry eye, and cornea diseases. Patients love her comforting bedside manner, especially the children and young adult patients that she treats.

Originally from Rochester, Dr. Clarke returned to her hometown after obtaining her degree to practice eye care and raise her daughter. She works with the Vision Care East program, which both provides free vision screenings for Rochester City School kids, and trains high schoolers to be opticians by having them manufacture and dispense the lenses from those screenings! When not working with her patients, Dr. Clarke enjoys hiking, kayaking, and photography.

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Favorite Patient Story

“I was on a mission trip to Honduras. There was a gentleman, the last patient of a very long day, who had a very dense congenital cataract in one eye and was a low myope in the other eye (-1.00). He had never received any sort of eye care before, and the huge smile on his face when I had him try out his prescription in a trial frame will stay with me forever.”


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Patient, Professional, and Funny

“Very pleased with my experience. Had an eye exam with Rashida, she was phenomenal. She was not only very patient and professional, but very funny-we laughed the whole time and I heard other patients laughing with her as well. Top-notch staff, nice frames, and timely. What more could you ask for?”

E.S. | Webster, NY