COVID-19 Update

Mask Policy

Masks are required only for exams. The CDC and NYS recommendations do not include the healthcare portion of your visit with us. We appreciate your patience.

How We’re Serving You and Your Community

The member practices of Your Local Eye Doctor are proud of our collective reputation for providing a convenient, patient-first eye care experience. This commitment hasn’t wavered in the face of COVID-19; in fact, this pandemic has only served to reaffirm our dedication to serving our communities.

Each of our network of eye care practices has committed to a common set of standards, in the name of keeping their communities safe and healthy during these unprecedented times. You deserve the same quality eye care you’ve always gotten while feeling confident in your safety.

Appointments are not required when visiting any of our eye care offices when you’re picking up glasses or contacts or just to browse for sunglasses or frames; however, appointments are still required for an eye exam. Please click here to schedule your exam. We value your business, your health & safety and the health & safety of our front-line health-care employees. We may ask you to wait outside our office if there are more persons than New York State health authorities recommend for capacity based on current county requirements. For your convenience, we will set up an appointment to come pick up your glasses at your request. Appointments are not required but always accepted. Thank you.

How We’re Keeping You Safe in Our Offices

In every location, staff members are working diligently to provide the safest possible environment. These offices have always been clean and sanitary, but we’ve gone above and beyond to be even more detail-oriented because the world around us requires it.

All practices have implemented the following measures:

  • All staff wear a mask at all times, in all areas of patient care.
  • Employees must answer a COVID questionnaire daily before working.
  • Hand sanitizer and sinks for hand washing are easily accessible for all to use.
  • Staff wash their hands between patient visits and any contact with others.
  • Staff clean and sanitize every piece of equipment and contacted surface area between appointments.

In a further effort to reduce contact in every office, we are encouraging patients to make appointments for all visits, and when possible, to come unaccompanied to ensure limited contact and social distancing. Those not being seen for an appointment should wait outside in their car.

What to Expect at Your Appointment

Though great efforts are being made to ensure good spacing through scheduling, if the office is crowded, you may be asked to wait in your car until you are called in. Additionally, if your reason for visiting is to pick up an item such as contacts or glasses, we’ll deliver these to you in your car.

As soon as you come to your office, you’ll notice a sign on the door stating that masks or other facial coverings are required. For contact tracing purposes, everyone who enters the building will have to register with an email and cell phone number and answer a brief COVID screening questionnaire.

Chairs in the waiting room are spaced out for social distancing purposes, and your wait time will be minimal, as always!